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My Background

Greetings, I am Christopher Burnett, a Ph.D. forest ecologist and lifelong homesteader. I'm spending my retirement photographing the natural beauty and biodiversity of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP). 

Since 1990, I've lived on an old farm near Marquette while working in forests across the UP as a scientist, educator, and land conservationist. 

My work now is furthering the appreciation, understanding, and protection of the UP's natural heritage through the art of photography.

My Work

In the field - Sometimes I search for specific subjects, but usually I strive to be receptive to whatever the location and season offer - wildlife, close-ups, landscapes, abstracts, or human interactions with nature. All the photographs shown here were taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In the studio - I usually work to develop high-resolution photographs with realistic colors that portray nature accurately.  Sometimes, I exercise artistic license, as with abstracts and monochromes. 

In the gallery - You can see and purchase some of my work in person at the Zero Degrees Gallery in Marquette, Michigan.

My Website

Purpose - My principal aims with this website are to lift your spirits with the beauty of the UP and to create greater awareness of the region's crucial biodiversity. 

Products - I also offer fine art quality prints, canvases, and digital downloads  (see Ordering Photographs). 

Navigating - The galleries are arranged mainly by subject matter. To navigate on a computer, use the Galleries Menu at the top of each page. On a mobile device, use the hamburger icon. 

Recent Work - Check out my blog, UP Nature Notes, or the Best of 2023 Gallery.

Notifications - If you'd like to be notified (or stop being notified) about new work a few times a year, or if you have questions or comments, send me an email

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