Fungi - Sometimes thought of as plants, fungi are actually more closely related to animals, so they deserve their own galleries. As there are many, many species of  fungi, I have made separate galleries for some sub-groups based on morphology. However, we have been learning in recent years that morphologically similar fungi are not necessarily closely related. To learn about the classification and ecology of UP mushrooms (and other fungi),  email me, and I'll send you a link to my monograph, Mushrooms Diversity in the UP

Growing Edible Mushrooms - For photographs about growing edible mushrooms, mainly shiitake and oyster mushrooms, go to the Mushroom Cultivation Gallery in the Land Management gallery collection. To get a copy of my monograph, Mushroom Cultivation in the UPemail me, and I'll send you a link. 

Lichens - Although lichens are classified by their fungal components, they are actually symbiotic associations of fungi with algae or bacteria, so they are included as a sub-group of the fungi.

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